Sharing and giving back at N Street Village

For several years I have taught a weekly fitness class to homeless women at N Street Village, a great "community for empowerment and recovery for women" in Washington, DC. I was honored to receive N Street's Volunteer of the Year Award for 2012.


Earlier this year, first lady Michelle Obama sent this challenge to all Americans: 

Have you been making healthier choices over the past five years? #GimmeFive! Have you planted a garden, joined a dance class, eaten more fruits and vegetables? #GimmeFive! And, in the spirit of Let’s Move! – whether it’s pushups or recipes or hours spent on your health – can you #GimmeFive more?

For inspiration, she also released this great video showing her doing five of her favorite exercises.

In that spirit, we have created a #GIMME FIVE video with some of the awesome N Street clients showing us their dance moves and strength training and telling us why they exercise:


In 2014 I introduced "Less Sugar, More Spice," an annual Step by Step class focusing on practical strategies for cutting back on sugar, including setting individual goals, reducing sweet drinks, learning how to read food labels, and finding hidden sugars in common foods and drinks. Participants in the current class are women who are recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.

Step by Step

In 2013, I launched an innovative new program at N Street called “Step by Step.” I provided individualized health coaching (see the photo of one of our sessions below) in addition to a weekly exercise class focusing on dance and strength training. 

A Step by Step meeting with Gisele, Alberta ,  Kay, and Mary Virginia 

A Step by Step meeting with Gisele, Alberta, Kay, and Mary Virginia 

You Can Help

Donations and assistance are welcome. Contact me if you'd like to help out.


A short interview about my volunteering at N Street

From K Street Magazine, a photo (scroll down) of client speaker Lynda Rush and me at the 2014 N Street Village Empowerment Luncheon.