All workshops include a presentation/discussion by me, with handouts and, where appropriate, handmade food!

Just One More Cookie!: How to Fight Sugar Cravings

  • Why We Crave Sugar
  • Why Sugar Is Worse for You Than We Thought
  • Finding Foods With Less Sugar
  • Strategies for Reducing Those Cravings
  • The Good News

Carbs: Good, Bad, and Indifferent

  • The Nutrient With Many Faces
  • “Good” Carbs
  • “Bad” Carbs
  • What About Alcohol?
  • The Good News

Help, I’m Still Awake!

  • Why We Can’t Sleep
  • How Sleep Deprivation Affects Our Wellness
  • Using “Sleep Rituals”
  • Does Medication Work?
  • The Good News


Pricing depends on the number of participants, the degree of customization, and whether you need me to provide the location. Contact me for rates and discounts.


Workshops normally take place at your place of business or related facility. In some cases, I can find a location for you.


I will invoice you via e-mail. You can pay electronically (via credit card or PayPal) or by check. 

Wellness workshops can be customized for your business or clientele. Contact me to discuss your needs.

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