Here's some feedback from my clients.

If you’re interested in speaking directly with past or current clients about their experiences working with me, please let me know.

Jean was recommended to me by my internist. I trust her implicitly, and training with her can be so fun! We laugh a lot, and even when I'm tired or sore or grumpy, she makes training so worthwhile that the time just flies. I lost nearly 20 pounds in the first year working with Jean and when friends naturally asked what I was doing differently I would always say that I'm working out with a terrific trainer.  

I started working out after six years off but saw no results. That's when Jean was recommended to me. Jean taught me how to eat better as well as exercise, and in 4-6 months I was stronger, healthier, and dropped 14 pounds. I’m back to my old pants size! Jean is very knowledgeable, patient, and a great listener.

This year I was having a bit of a mid-life crisis and decided to treat myself by hiring Jean for training. It was the best decision I have made this year. I look forward every week to working with her. My mental and physical health has been much improved since I started training with Jean.

Staying strong to travel, play tennis, and keep up with seven grandchildren was my goal when I started training with Jean. But I didn't expect to enjoy it!  Jean's organized and encouraging training style changed that. I love our sessions and look forward to many more!

My Achilles heel is SUGAR. Jean has shown me its effects on both my mood and energy level and provided many healthy alternatives to choose when a craving hits. By making small changes over time I was able to combat my cravings; as a result I have more energy and (so my friends tell me) I’m in better spirits overall.

"Good information delivered with humor and compassion!"

"Jean was very clear and organized."

"Increased my awareness of where sugars are hiding. I'll read labels more carefully now!"

As a personal trainer, Jean possesses an uncanny combination of skill, intuitive knowledge, warmth, and ability to innovate. Her flexibility and broad knowledge of the human body and how it works, in sickness and in health, enable her to work with clients whose exercise experience ranges from none to competitive athletics. She can motivate the most dedicated coach potato as well as the recovering athlete.