My practice specializes in helping women who, like me, are now in “midlife,” that period of stresses, joys, crises, reflection, and change.

Having raised three girls and worked as a lawyer for 25 years, I too have experienced the challenges to staying fit at midlife: aches and pains, hormonal changes, insomnia, life stressors.

A few thoughts

  • This is a great time of life to prioritize what is important
  • I am an example of taking on a new challenge at midlife. You can do it too!
  • Change takes time; I will help you make changes step by step
  • Feeling stronger really does improve your mood and outlook

Midlife hormonal and emotional changes are real. They make losing weight and gaining muscle a challenge. But they also free you up to make meaningful changes in your life—in your career, in your exercise routine, in your attitude about yourself. I know it may seem hard to do this, but it can happen!

Midlife and me

In my mid-40's, when I was still practicing law, I began to suffer from severe peri-menopause symptoms. I had embarrassing daytime hot flashes and night sweats that left me drenched and chilled. Cranky and spent, I tried every natural and not so natural remedy. My husband and kids suffered along with me, although we did manage some humor (my kids gave me a kitchen magnet—see the image below!).

To my surprise, I found that my mood improved if I moved more. I learned how to ride a road bike. I hired a personal trainer and lifted heavy weights. I rediscovered dance. I ran. I still had hot flashes, but I also felt strong and less moody and had fun challenging my body in new ways. Eventually, the flashes began to subside, although I still keep our bedroom at 66° at night! Now I know that physical activity of any kind can really improve your mood at any age, and my personal training clients agree!!